Virtual Support Groups

Virtual New Mom Support Circle

Weekly New Mom Support Group
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Donation based: Suggestion $10

Do you have a new baby? How are YOU doing? Are you needing to connect? Parenting ignites changes that are both joyful and challenging. Join in conversation and community! Topics follow the group’s interest, including Birth & Parenthood, Feeding, YOU—Self Image, Body image, Self-Care, Baby Blues vs. Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder, Sleep & Soothing, Tummy Time & Play, Coping Skills & Techniques, Establishing Healthy Boundaries, Partners & Sex, Relationships—Old & New, Childless, Differing Parenting Philosophies and Back-to-Work. Each week we have a suggested topic, but that won’t be all we cover and of course we will be checking in on you too!


Virtual New Parent Couples Meetup

Monthly New Parent Couples Meetup
Sunday, April 26th
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Donation based: Suggestion $20

Topic for this session is Setting into your New Normal during this Very Abnormal Time. Are you able to make the best of the quarantine? Are you anxious or overwhelmed? What do you miss from your life before baby or do you miss regular life? What is or has been challenging for you during this time? What is great? Discussions follow the interest of the group and nothing is off the table.


These groups are for expecting and new parents and their babies to value, support and celebrate each other as we learn and grow. We are looking to build a community. Members are looking to connect and be a solid support network for each other during this wild period and crazy time. All feeding methods welcome and celebrated. Come with your questions, challenges and triumphs. Breastfeeding counsel available. Space is limited.