Mother Esteem: New Mom Circle

Do you have a new baby? Are you looking to connect?
Are you… excited? Isolated? Overwhelmed?
Wanting to share how it’s going and get support?

Birth and parenting ignite changes that are both joyful and challenging. Join in conversation and community during your sacred postpartum.

7-Week Series
July 12th through August 23rd
10:00 am – 12:30 pm
31st Avenue and Crescent (address given upon registration)
$18 per week or $105 for full series upfront

*Join the community anytime for a pro-rated price. If all of the series dates don’t work for you, let’s talk! If cost is an issue, let’s talk!

Topics follow the interest of the group. Each week we have a suggested topic, rarely stick to it! The Mental Load, Sleep, Partners: Connection and Collaboration, Deconstructing Social Norms, Your Body Image & Your Pelvic Floor, Boundaries & Relationships and Self Identity: Who were you & who are you? What is on your mind? Nothing is off the table!

This group is a place for parents and babies up to 6 months of age to value, support and celebrate each other as we learn and grow. We are looking to build a community. Members are looking to connect and be a solid support network for each other during this wild period. All feeding methods welcome and celebrated. Come with your questions, challenges and triumphs. Breastfeeding counsel available. Space is limited.