Newborn triplets lie on a stomach on a blanket

Parent Esteem: New Parent Group
Do you have a new baby? Are you looking to connect? Are you… excited? isolated?overwhelmed? What’s it been like for you?

Birth and parenting ignite changes that are both joyful and challenging. Join in conversation and community during your sacred postpartum. We will follow interest of the group, however topics will include: birth and parenthood, YOU—self image, body image, self-care, baby blues vs perinatal mood and anxiety disorder, the infant—sleep, soothing, tummy time/play, coping skills & techniques, boundaries, partners and sex relationships—old & new, childless & different parenting philosophies, and going back to work or not.

This group is a place for parents and babies up to 6 months of age to value, support and celebrate each other as we be and grow. All feeding methods welcome and celebrated. Come with your questions, challenges and triumphs. Breastfeeding counsel for position, latch and questions is available. Space is limited, capacity up to 8 adults.

8-Week Series
Thursdays May 3rd to June 21st
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
31st Avenue & Crescent Street in Astoria (address given upon registration)
$120 per person
*Join the community anytime for a prorated price. If all the series dates don’t work for you, let’s talk!

Unable to accommodate refunds, drop-ins or pay-as-you-go due to limited space.

We are looking to build a community. Members are looking to connect and be a solid support network for each other during this wild period.


Breastfeeding Support Circle

Gather into our circle of support. Women who are well supported have greater success meeting their breastfeeding goals—let’s be there for each other. Share what it’s been like for you, what you are needing and what you have learned. Tap into your intuition, trust yourself, your body and your baby.

As a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor I am available to assess and assist new families with basic newborn feeding concerns such as position, latch, establishing a healthy milk supply and how to know its going well to name a few. We will also talk about sleep, self-care, boundaries, nothing is off the table. Come get information, your questions answered and the support your are seeking. Achieve your goals.

Monthly Drop-in
3rd Tuesday of the Month
9:00 am – 11:00 am ***June 19th we will meet 12pm-2pm***
31st Avenue & Crescent Street in Astoria (address given upon registration)
$20 per person