Doula Services

Birth Esteem provides unconditional non-judgmental birth and postnatal doula support for families emotionally, physically and educationally with all of my heart. As your doula, I am there however is needed to care for and protect the memory of your experience. My goal is be there for you so that you can find your way.

– 1-2 prenatal visits, continuous support at your birth and 1 postnatal visit
– unlimited telephone, text, and/or email availability from the time of hiring
– assist with developing birth plan
– on-call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week from your 37th week of pregnancy until the birth of your baby
– continuous presence during your labor and birth
– labor and birth position suggestions
– comfort measures including soothing touch
– nurturing and protecting the memory of the birth experience
– work with the partner to participate at their comfortable level
– photograph birth as able and desired by client
– breastfeeding support: counseling/latch and positioning help
– processing the birth experience
– resources & referrals

– 1 prenatal in home meetings
– individualized postpartum plan
– unlimited telephone, text, and/or email availability from the time of hiring
– unconditional non-judgmental emotional and physical support as well as companionship for family
– breastfeeding support: counseling/latch and positioning help
– care during recovery from birth and pregnancy
– processing the birth experience
– evidence-based information and education on infant cues, feeding, sleep, soothing, and development as well as coping skills for new parents
– babywearing assistance
– sibling support
– care for baby when parents want to shower, nap, or spend some special time with older child(ren)
– light household tidying/meal preparation/errands/organization of home and nursery
– resources & referrals

Postnatal Doula Service is provided in an initial minimum increment of 21 hours. Additional hours can be purchased per hour. A shift is a minimum of 3 hours.

Sample Topics include:
-The Birth Story. Start to process your experience
-Newborn Care
-Infant States, Cues and Cries
Soothing, Settling & Centering
Bath & Baby Massage
Bonding, Attachment and Babywearing
-Parenting Topics
Family Adjustments and Coping Skills
Beginner Tummy Time (why and how to progress as your baby develops)
Household Organization: Who’s doing what?
Developmental Movement and Baby Yoga
What makes you you? Self-Care