Virtual Breastfeeding Support


I received my breastfeeding counselor certification through Mami Mia. As a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, I assist new families with basic newborn feeding concerns such as position, latch, establishing a healthy milk supply, to name a few.

If you have questions or are seeking support, please contact me to see if a phone consultation or the course/visit in your home would be helpful to you. It would be my honor to support you to meet your breastfeeding goals.

Virtual (Phone or Video) Breastfeeding/Lactation Session 
$50 / 30 minutes
$100 / 60 minutes
Phone or video Session to answer your questions and provide information to help you achieve your goals.

Virtual Breastfeeding/Lactation* &/or Postnatal Support Package / $350
(90 minute virtual prenatal meeting + up to 5 virtual postnatal check-ins)

The virtual prenatal meeting and postnatal check-ins encompass both lactation*, newborn care and postpartum. Our prenatal meeting we will connect, plan and discuss breastfeeding/lactation*, newborn care and postpartum basics. During postnatal check-ins, I will check/assist with position and latch*, assess how things are going and refresh your memory of key concepts we discussed prenatally. As well as support you and your family during the early postpartum days as you recover, acclimate and bond. Care during recovery from birth and pregnancy, processing the birth experience, evidence-based information and education on infant cues, feeding, sleep, soothing, and development as well as coping skills for new parents, babywearing assistance and resources & referrals. As well as answering questions as they come up.

*Breastfeeding/Lactation Support if applicable