“After finding her on doulamatch, my husband and I hired Dawn to be our doula last fall and our baby was born in January. Working with Dawn in the months leading up to the birth, as well as during and in follow-ups after, has been an incredible blessing. I was committed to the goal of an intervention-free birth and wanted a doula to guide and support us in that endeavor. I felt absolutely supported by Dawn throughout and knew that she would support me in whatever I wanted to do. Upon first meeting Dawn we felt very comfortable with her; she quickly felt like a family member. She devoted so much time to educating us in an intimate setting on the Bradley Method in the weeks leading up to our birth as she was preparing to become a Bradley Educator. She went above and beyond with the time and attention she gave us. She is super responsive (to this day) and genuinely cares about her clients. As for the birth itself, Dawn was ready to join us as soon as we said we needed her and was an incredible asset to our team, relieving my husband who had been worn out by helping me through the long labor I’d had already to that point. She did not hesitate to jump right in in the delivery room too with comfort measures (which she works at tirelessly) or advocating for my needs and interests. Bonus- she snapped some pictures for my husband and I as our daughter was born, which I cherish having. I did succeed in having the natural birth I wanted and I know I was only able to do it because of the preparation she helped us with and the confidence I had in my team, with Dawn and my husband at my side. Dawn’s postnatal visit was also really helpful for me in processing my birth experience, and she provided guidance through breastfeeding hurdles as well. She was everything we’d hoped for and more!” West, Birth

“Dawn joined my partner and me very late in the birthing journey. She was able to jump right in and understand our needs. She was attentive to both me and my partner providing support and inspiration.” Teresa, Birth

“Dawn Chorba brought a huge amount of support and dedication into my life beginning shortly after I approached her to work with us. She would send emails with preparatory activities and passages highlighting the experience of pregnancy. It’s important to note that I had a very high-risk pregnancy secondary to IUGR and an unknown RH factor that was causing placenta insufficiency. Dawn is knowledgeable and thoughtful, a combination I was so grateful to find in a doula. Dawn coached my partner and me throughout the process. My contractions stopped as soon as I arrived at the hospital, I was scared and overwhelmed. Dawn welcomed us with a hug and kiss and gave me a birth crown, instantly I felt braver and supported. Shortly after the nurses read my chart, I became a risk and was hooked up to every device possible for monitoring. Dawn was strategic and innovative in aiding my movement and relaxation through contractions, she assisted my partner in caring for me and facilitated an environment full of energy and dedication to my labor. After 24 hours of laboring, I needed a C-section. I was surrounded by my partner and Dawn when my son was welcomed into the world. She stayed by my side afterwards and facilitated skin to skin and breast feeding support. Dawn provided me with the gift of a beautiful and soulful labor; she in fact gave me the best day of my life. Dawn’s postpartum support has been incredible, every week I have received emails filled with resources and phone calls checking in. Dawn’s selflessness and love is forever stamped into our hearts. Shortly after birth I wrote this passage to Dawn: “I woke up feeling the deepest gratitude and appreciation for you. When I reflect on my pregnancy all I can think is how I was surrounded by protection, love and constant hands on me the entire time.” Every female deserves to experience a Dawn in their pregnancy and life, we are so grateful for her.” Kate, Birth

“Dawn was instrumental in the beautiful birth of our daughter Segovia. When I got pregnant I didn’t think that I would need a doula but as time went on, I realized I wanted the best experience possible. It became evident that having a doula was the way to go. I feel so blessed to have found Dawn. She was so kind, patient, and knowledgeable from the very first meeting. She truly listened to what it was that I wanted in making the birth of our first child such a special experience. She empowered me to tell her and my husband what was helpful throughout the labor process and read the signs when something simply wasnt working. I was especially thankful for the support she gave my husband during the end of our pregnancy and throughout labor. Without Dawn, I’m not sure if he would have made it through or have been as calm as he was. I was very lucky to have as close to a natural birth as I had wished for. Pushing through the pain was made easier with Dawn’s support and in the end she will always be such a special part of the most beautiful day of our lives.” Melissa, Birth

“Dawn was an incredibly caring, upbeat and knowledgable partner throughout the entire process of our son’s birth.  We had a few prenatal scares based on testing and our son was misdiagnosed as having club feet (he actually had just a minor case metatarsus adductus) and Dawn was a godsend in making us feel comfortable and informed at a time when we were really anxious.  If you are looking for a doula that “gets it” (she has personal experience being a recent mom) and is just a kind, caring person, Dawn is the doula for you.  She was there for us before the birth to get us ready, after to make sure we were doing well, and she frequently followed up to see if we had any questions.  Overall she was just an incredible resource whenever anything unexpected came up.  Also, my wife delivered naturally without any medication, and Dawn was there the entire time to support her decision. She was next to my wife the whole time to support her through it.  She also took notes on what happened and when so we could record the process.   Highly, highly recommend her.”  Zach, Birth

“Dawn was an amazing doula. Her help before and during labor and delivery was invaluable. After the birth of my first child I understood how important doulas are and how having one would’ve helped me achieve my intervention free delivery I dearly wanted. After speaking with Dawn when I was pregnant with my second, I felt she understood what I wanted and how she could help me. As my due date came and went, Dawn helped me get baby into position after the midwife told me baby was sunnyside up. After an evening of holding poses, I went into labor. Dawn was available over text and came as soon as I said I needed her. Her pain management techniques and counter pressure helped me labor at home and throughout my Uber ride to the hospital. Once I went into transition, Dawn responded to my needs, encouraged me and even helped me when my labor seemed to stagnate at 8cm by suggesting I try new positions. She was also great at finding ways my husband could be involved during the labor, something he missed out on during the birth of our first baby. Again, I cannot recommend Dawn enough. I successfully delivered my daughter unmedicated and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Dawn was a big part of that experience.”  Annalisa, Birth

“Dawn is genuinely caring and truly is dedicated to her clients. From the first prenatal meeting where she came to my home (this was my first baby!), to the first visit in the hospital postpartum, to her sessions in my home where she both educates and supports, Dawn is extremely responsive. Breastfeeding for me was a challenge and she was by my side giving me support, suggestions, and resources. She makes herself available 24/7 and would check-in with me via email and cell text just to check on me. She provides education, tips and I also asked if she could help me around the home and she was excellent in helping pick-up groceries and helped me with meals, dishes and baby laundry, (there is soo much more laundry than you would think!).  And in-home she is more than happy to help with the baby so you can rest or do whatever you need to. You definitely feel you have a resource you can count on with Dawn.” JanetLee, Postnatal

“Working with Dawn was a great experience. Her postpartum support was such a great help! She is sweet, friendly, easy going & someone who makes it easy to instantly trust her like an old friend. This is our first baby so we mostly got help with baby advice & things like baby wearing, baby yoga, infant massage, tummy time, & processing our birth story. She is very knowledgeable, organized & explains things clearly. Dawn is an excellent resource & a really wonderful doula! We highly recommend her!” Annie, Postnatal

“Dawn is a wonderful person – very easy to be with. She is able to transform into whatever you need her to be with very acute sensitivity to each person’s needs and situation.  She will figure out where you keep your forks and you will not have to show everything, and she will fall into place with what you need without you asking. Let me tell you – that is SO important when you are recovering from childbirth or C-section. Asking for a million favors a day is just exhausting, and she knew what to do without me telling. The way it worked with us – I gave her an outline of what I expect to accomplish that day – have her make me lunch, bathe the baby, bring me a few things from the store and for the rest of the day I just could relax without pointing my finger and asking. If you can hire her for even a week or so to recover without asking your relatives for favors – do it! It will be so worth it!” Elina, Postnatal

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Dawn! She shows so much positive energy and enthusiasm, it is a pleasure to spend time with her and learn about babies. Our daughter loved Dawn and immediately picked up on that energy. Dawn goes out of her way to educate new mothers in a holistic and caring way. I would strongly recommend her.” Jasmin, Postnatal

“All the tips Dawn shared helped ease my transition as a new mom.” Ilana, Postnatal

“During the first two weeks after the birth of my son, I was lucky to have several visits with Dawn at my apartment.  Dawn was so supportive and encouraging, which was particularly valuable during those first few weeks when each day seemed to present a new challenge.  Dawn helped me with breastfeeding — talked with me about my questions and concerns, showed me new positions to try to help make me more comfortable and if there was something she didn’t know the answer to, she helped me find it.  Dawn was my second pair of hands — researching mom support groups for me, holding my new baby so that I could take a shower, helping me clean up my apartment and even spending time with my dog (who had up until then been my only child and was in need of some extra love and attention).  Dawn not only taught me how to use various baby carriers, but she brought me her Moby wrap and let me keep it to use for the first few weeks.  Dawn goes above and beyond to help provide whatever it is that you need.  She is passionate about helping women and refers to this time with them as “sacred.”  She understands the challenges women face in the first few weeks after birth because she is also a mom.  I cannot say enough good things about Dawn.  I highly recommend her.” Julie, Postnatal

“The unbelievably difficult days right after bringing baby home cannot be overstated. The adrenaline, fear, elation, exhaustion in dealing with this brand new life is frankly overwhelming. A terrific mommy herself, Dawn was my saving grace in our chaos. As she said, she mothered me so I could mommy. It honestly felt like she was a guardian angel. Her care is exceptional and without complications like one may find with friends of family members. I cannot express enough how invaluable her time with us was and I won’t have another baby without her.”  Synge, Postnatal

“Dawn is a pure pleasure to be around – she is a very encouraging, loving, fantastic person. She was so encouraging and emotionally supportive at a time when you need it the most!” Ros, Postnatal

“Dawn has been an incredible support system for me before and during my breastfeeding journey.  I took her took her Breastfeeding Prenatal Prep Course and when I had questions or concerns she was always accessible with the best advice.  I had many challenges during my first experience with breastfeeding and knew I would need help second time around in achieving my goals.  Thanks to Dawn, I am well on my way to meeting my goals of breastfeeding and couldn’t have done it without her!” Christina, Breastfeeding Support